Rest Professional Upgrade Instructions - Version 20.0

The upgrade process may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the size of your database, the number of years of history you have and the speed of your computer.  


  • The Rest Professional database must be v17.x.xx  or above to upgrade to the latest version. Refer to our article  Rest Professional - Upgrade a databases from an earlier version
  • Ensure all servers and workstations running Rest Professional meet our System Requirements
  • The upgrade must be processed on the Rest Professional Server (the server or PC that holds your Rest Database)
  • You must be logged onto the machine as administrator.  Please contact your IT Provider if you need assistance with administrator rights
  • User Account Control (UAC) may need to be temporarily disabled.
  • It is recommended to ensure minimal downtime, the upgrade is run towards the end of the day, or at a convenient time to your office. Upgrades can take time, depending on the current version you are upgrading from.

Follow the steps below, or there is a quick video to guide you thru the steps to take when performing an upgrade.

Download the Upgrade File(s)

  1. Log on to your Rest Database Server. Note: You may need to contact your IT Provider for access
  2. CLICK HERE to download the latest Upgrade File(s)
    NOTE: If you are using REST Messenger for Holiday Bookings, refer REST Messenger Upgrade Instructions
  3. Save the upgrade file to your desktop, if the option isn’t available note the location you have selected.

NOTE: This step is different depending on your web browser i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

Upgrade the Program from the Rest Server

  1. Log on to your Rest Database Server.  
    NOTE: You may need to contact your IT Provider for access
  2. Make sure all users are logged out of Rest Professional
  3. Locate the upgrade file saved in step 3 above, double click it
    NOTE: You may need to right click and select Run As Administrator
  4. Click Setup to start the upgrade
  5. The REST Professional Installation Wizard will display, click Next to continue
  6. Enter your User Name and Organisation, click Next to continue
  7. Select the existing Rest install location (generally this is C:\REST)
  8. Install the application for Anyone who uses this computer (all users)
  9. Print or Save the Release notes
  10. Click Finish to complete the installation

Upgrade the Database from the Rest Server

  1. Log onto your Rest Database Server.  
    NOTE: You may need to contact your IT Provider for access
  2. Start Rest Professional and you will be prompted to upgrade your Rest database.
  3. Follow all the prompts to complete a backup and then wait for the data to be upgraded.  When the database upgrade has finished, a System Recovery and History Recovery will run automatically.

Upgrade the Program on all Workstations / Terminal Servers

  1. The user(s) will require local administrator rights, please contact your IT Provider if you need assistance with administrator rights.
  2. From each Rest Professional workstation, when the user starts Rest Professional, the system will detect and prompt that Rest Professional requires upgrading. Select Yes to upgrade Rest Professional. Repeat these steps on all workstations.
    NOTE: You may need to right click and select Run As Administrator.

Additional Notes:

  1. File Smart users, ensure Rest Professional is upgraded on your File Smart server. Additionally, File Smart must be upgraded to the latest version to ensure your integration is not lost.
  2. Rest Messenger users, please ensure you upgrade REST Messenger by referring to the REST Messenger Upgrade Instructions
  3. We also recommend performing a quick test for Rest Communicator functionality, such as Rest Mobile or Owner / Tenant Portals.
  4. Your IT Provider may be able to automate the upgrade on each workstation using industry standard deployment methods.

If you require any further information please contact Rockend MRI Support online here or call us on 1300 657 700.

11/04/2023 10:48 am AEST

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