How to Run a System Requirement Tool (SRT) Report

This article will guide you to run a System Requirement Tool (SRT) report.

This will assist where you are experiencing slow performance or frequent errors.

What Does the System Requirement Tool Do ?

There are many platforms that integrate with Strata Master, allowing you to process and perform the functions for your role.  For example, just to send your levies, Strata Master integrates with Outlook, or other email platforms, and the platform that stores the Levy Notice copies. 

The SRT checks settings on those other platforms that will assist or hinder Strata Master in performing those tasks.

The SRT only runs the check on the workstation that it is physically run on.

The SRT will provide you with a report that you can email to your IT provider.  This assists them to identify those settings that need review.

Where to Find the System Requirement Tool 

1. Open an Internet Browsers such as Chrome or Edge, Firefox, as examples. Note if this does not run on your selected Browser, select another.

2. In the URL enter the following or click this link -

3. Scroll down the page. Click the button that says 'System Requirement Tool'

4. Select Install and then Run 

5.Enter your client ID as found on Strata Master when requested

6. The SRT will run and give you options to View the Report or Email it

Important To Note

Any warnings in Orange or Red will adversely impact the performance of Strata Master. If you or your IT do not wish to make any changes to these settings/platforms/paths etc then your performance will not be optimum.

If your IT wish to discuss any of these test results, your IT can log a case with Strata Master Support via MyMRI portal if they have a registration, or by calling 1300 657 700 and providing client id.

25/06/2021 6:22 pm AEST

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