Enhanced Inspection Manager Integration

REST Professional version 11 introduces the ability to save your Inspection Manager Reports directly to REST Document Management or fileSMART. Inspection Manager is a comprehensive inspection management system developed by Insight specifically for property managers. Inspection Manager offers a web-based management system and mobile application that integrates with REST Professional to simplify your Property Management inspection process. To learn more about how to use Inspection Manager and its extensive features click here for a 3 min Video Tour.

Inspection Manager Integration now allows you to access your Inspection Manager account directly from REST Professional and save Inspection Manager Reports to REST Professional Document Management or fileSMART.


To use Inspection Manager with REST Professional you will first need to setup an account with Inspection Manager.

  1. To activate Inspection Manager Integration with REST you will need an Inspection Manager account. For more information on getting started with Inspection Manager visit http://www.inspectionmanager.com.au/rest
  2. When your Inspection Manager account has been created, activate your REST database in the REST Communicator Configuration Tool. Note your Portal Key so you can provide it to your Account Manager at Inspection Manager.
  3. The team at Inspection Manager will contact you to coordinate the sync of your REST database with Inspection Manager and provide user documentation.

Saving Inspection Manager Reports to REST Document Management or fileSMART

REST Document Management or fileSMART must be setup to use this feature.

Setup Inspection Manager in REST

The Inspection Manager configuration must be completed by a user with the highest security level (Statistics/Company Details/Passwords & above).

  1. Select Other > Utilities > Company Details.
  2. Click the Third Party tab.
  3. Select the Inspection Manager Checkbox.
  4. Highlight Inspection Manager and click Configure. The Inspection Manager Configuration screen displays.
  5. Enter the appropriate Inspection Manager Username and Password against your REST Users. Note that only users with the REST security level Look and Print/ Diary or above are displayed here.

  1. Click OK.

To Navigate to the Inspection Manager Website

Go to Other > Third Party Website.

This menu will launch any Third Party Website you have configured in Rest Professional.

Saving Inspection Manager Reports to Document Management

When you close an inspection in the Inspection Manager CMS loaded from REST Professional a prompt displays to save the inspection report in your document management system.

To save Inspection Manager Reports to your Document Management System:

  1. Select Files > Inspections > Inspection Manager. The Inspection Manager CMS website displays.
  2. Click the Inspections tab.

  1. Click Close against the appropriate Completed inspection.
  2. Click OK to close the inspection.
  3. You are prompted to file the document in your Document Management system.
    1. REST Document Management. Click Yes to file the document property folder.
    2. fileSMART Document Management. Confirm the auto populated filing types are correct, select additional where required, click Archive to file the document.
  4. Click Logout or X to close Inspection Manager CMS and return to REST.

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