Printer Test Strata Master

This article will assist identify a printer in Windows Printer Settings and Devices which is causing errors and issues with printing, previewing and more.

The printer that causes the issue may not even be elected in Strata Master for use.

The process to identify a printer that is the culprit -

1. Go to Windows Printer Settings in your workstations Control panel (this is not part of Strata Master)

2. Change the default printer to a PDF printer, or document writer

3. Run the reset for strataprinters.ini file >

4. Strata Master will open with the default printer set in File > Printer Selector

5. Run a test print of a report

6. If that works successfully, change the Reports printer to another printer in the Windows Printer Settings list

7. Test print from the next selected printer.

8 Keep changing the printer and testing until one of the printers will not print or produces an error message.

9  If you like you can change the default printer in each step, repeating steps 1,2 and 3.

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As redirected printers can also cause the same issue in Strata master -

17/12/2021 6:33 pm AEDT

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