Submeter Invoicing Did Not Complete

This article will assist you to either complete the process or reset the meter and reprocess the invoice. 

As it is not possible to cover every circumstance, please log a case with Strata Master Support if you require further assistance. Please provide adequate information so that Support are aware that you have checked this article.

Back up and Restore

MRI recommends creating a back up prior to any complex process, allowing a restore if there is an interruption to the process or print/email issues. Click this link to see how to create a back up

Invoices Did Not Print or Save

Submeter invoices will record on the Owners Card and Ledger. 

They will also save in your document management system, provided you ticked the relevant box when processing 

1. Check to see whether the invoices have saved for all Lots or only a few. If the invoices show on all the owner cards, that means that the invoices DID process and do not need to be reprocessed.

2.  Check your Outlook for sent emails to see if the invoices were emailed. Remember to check your Outbox also. If your company uses SMTP, click on Configure > Agency > Option#2 to see the BCC email address.  Copies would be seen in this email address if sent.

3. Check your document management to see whether the invoices have saved. 

4. Once you gathered the information above you should know which Lots require printing/emailing and/or saving. This article will show you how your can reprint or re-email all invoices or only some of them.

5. If you only need to save the invoice copies, referring to the article above, you would need to select reprint all and ensure the 'save notices to file' box is ticked. 

Invoices Did Not Process

If you received an error message part way through the process, it is possible that only some of the invoices processed and show on the owner ledger. It is not possible to process only some invoice through submetering.

Check the owner lots first, as in step 1 above, and determine exactly which Lots show the submeter invoice on their card and which don't.

1. You would need to address the cause of the interruption to the process before reprocessing. If possible, run a back up prior to the process, enabling you to restore if the issue occurs again.

2. Cancel any invoices that have processed.  This link will assist as invoices are cancelled in the same way as individual owner levies -

3. Reset the meter. Go to Corp > Light bulb section.

4. Click Edit 

5. Select the relevant meter

6. The screen will show the last process, as below, and need to be reset back to the figures in the 'previous reading' column. Note that in your case, some figures may have changed and some may not have changed.

7. Click in the 'last reading' fields and change the figures to match the previous reading.

8. Change the last reading date, invoiced date and Reading to match the previous invoicing also 

9. Click Save and Exit.

10.  You can then return to Accounting > Submeter Invoicing and reprocess the Utility invoice.


If you receive an error 91 when trying to email the invoices, this is often caused by a change of ownership, where a previously managed Lot is now owner occupied.

In the submeter screenshot above, you will note a column 'contact to invoice'. Check through this list and see if any Lot with 'Agent' as contact, no longer has an Agent in the Lot Card on the Corp screen. You can edit the 'Agent' setting to 'Levy' as in the screenshot above.

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