File Smart PrintMail - Sending emails using Microsoft Office365 (SMTP)

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If you are currently using Microsoft Office 365 to send emails through PrintMail, you may start to experience some issues over the coming months. For example the emails may be very slow to send or you may note an error such as "SMTP host cannot be found".

Microsoft are currently deprecating their TLS 1.0 / 1.1 SMTP protocols in a staged rollout, which will effect the current version of File Smart. More information can be found here:

We are currently working to update File Smart to use the newer TLS 1.2 protocol, whilst this is a significant amount of work we are aiming to have this available as soon as possible. For the interim, if you are experiencing the above issues, we suggest that you use an alternate SMTP server such as one from your internet provider.

How to change the SMTP Server in PrintMail:

  • Launch File Smart (FileSmart PrintMail) from a PC where it is installed and login
  • Click on Settings then click on Edit
  • Update the SMTP settings as required, click Save and click on Test Email to confirm it is working correctly

Example of how to find the SMTP details from your internet provider

  • Click on to see who your internet provider is, for example it may say "Your ISP is iiNet Limited"
  • Google search your internet providers same and include the word "SMTP details ", for example iiNet SMTP Details, google should display the settings if not you will need to click through your internet providers website
  • Once you have entered these details into PrintMail and confirmed they work, there may be some restrictions on how many emails can be sent every hour (for example 100 emails every hour). This can be resolved by either contacting your internet provider or simply adjusting the "Email Throttling" settings in PrintMail
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