Cancelling a DEFT Direct Debit Authorisation Made by a Lot Owner for Strata Master


This article will provide you with guidance to handling a request by a Lot Owner to cancel their Direct Debit Authorisation, so fees are no longer deducted from their bank account. This request would be for a permanent or long time period.

  • Who Sets Up the Authorisation With the Bank
  • Who Cancels the Authorisation With the Bank
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Direct Debit is an arrangement through a Banking Authority that allows Strata Master to draw due funds from a Lot Owners bank account. At some point it would be necessary for the Banking Authority to be cancelled, such as at sale of the Lot, or when an Owner decides to make payments manually.

Who Sets Up the Authorisation With the Bank ?

The invitation to set up Direct Debit is sent by the Strata Manager to the Lot Owner/s, through Strata Master. This invitation provides a link to the DEFT website.  The set up of Direct Debit with Macquarie Bank DEFT is then done by the Lot Owner and requires them to create a login and password to the DEFT website.

Who Cancels the Authorisation With the Bank ?

The cancellation of the authority is to be done by the Lot Owner, by logging back into the DEFT website, using their personal password.

The Strata Manager can neither set up nor cancel the authority with the Bank through Strata Master.

Useful Links

Direct Debit With Strata Master

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