Strata Master Version 15.5.3 Release Notes

In this release

Macquarie Levy Notice Changes required

The Macquarie Levy Notice has been adjusted to remove telephone payment details. A checkbox has also been added to the Configure > Agency > Stationery tab to allow the removal of the Cheque Payment options that Macquarie will remove in November 2024.

What we fixed

Strata Hub Insurance

The Strata Hub register, and Bulk Process screen has been updated with a prompt to notify users when the Insurance Replacement Value of Building field has been miscalculated. This is due to having a non-numeric value in the Corporation screen listed under the Building Coverage type.  

Direct Debit Report - Unit and Lot numbers transposed

Under certain circumstances, when processing Direct Debit, some lot and unit numbers were transposed and displayed incorrectly. This issue has been resolved.

Debt Recovery notices to Agent not using Levy Email Address

Under certain circumstances, when issuing Debt Recovery Notices to a Real Estate Agent contact, the incorrect email address was displayed in File Smart. This issue has been resolved.

Error 424 - Bank Statement Download

Under certain circumstances, an error was thrown when running the bank download process. This issue has been resolved.

Negative Arrears

The arrears calculation for a lot owner was displayed as a negative value when a prepayment was receipted. This issue has been resolved.

29/02/2024 9:02 am AEDT

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