How to use the Property Vacancy Grid in Rest Professional


The Property Vacancy List displays your vacant and vacating properties in an easy to use list.  It also displays information on properties with applications taken, leased properties, properties marked “not for relet” or being renovated. As of version 19, the Property Vacancy List has been improved to include an Active and Pending Archive Property Status Filter.

This document will cover:

  • How to use the Property Vacancy Grid
  • Management Reporting benefits

How to use the Property Vacancy Grid

  1. Go to Files > Property Vacancy
  2. Select your criteria:


  • Alpha Select - Enter the property index to find a particular property. This is useful if the list of vacant properties is lengthy and needs filtering to reduce information, otherwise leave this field blank
  • Manager - Select a manager to display the vacant and vacating properties for that manager or select All to display all properties
  • Class Filters - Depending on the check box(s) selected residential, commercial, industrial or holiday properties are displayed. If you have the Holiday Booking Module, holiday properties are not displayed as vacant.
  • Area Codes - Select one or more property area codes to display only the properties in those areas.
  • Property Status Filters - 
    • Active - This filter allows you to only search for properties with the Property Status as Active
    • Pending Archive - Select this status to filter for properties marked as Pending Archive on the Property Gained/Lost Tab
  • Vacancy Status Filters - Select the check boxes to display properties according to the criteria below;
    • Vacant - Rest displays all properties where there are no tenants or the tenant vacate date has passed.
    • Vacating - Displays the properties where the tenant has a vacate date later than today's date
    • Application Taken: Displays a list of properties for which an application date has been entered. An application date is added to the property when a holding deposit is taken on the property and is removed when the first rent is taken. The date may be updated manually on the financial tab of the property detail screen.
    • Leased - Displays a list of properties that have been leased in the past month. This depends on the start date of the tenant lease.
    • Not for re-let - Displays the properties that have been marked ‘not for relet’ in the financial tab of the property detail screen.
    • Renovations - Displays the properties that have been marked ‘property being renovated’ in the financial tab of the property detail screen.
  1. Click on Display List - Generates the Property Vacant Grid depending on the selection criteria with details of Address, Manager, Status, Rent p/w etc


NOTE: Click on the Column Headings to sort the list into a specific order. You may also select the last two columns of the list from the property descriptors. Select Files > Descriptors & Comments > Property Descriptors to change the details in the columns displayed

  1. Click on Report–F10 - This option can only be selected after Display List is selected. This will generate the vacancy counter report in an older style format.  If you filter the list by selecting a specific manager and de-selecting all status filters (except for Vacant), the report prints only those properties.


  1. Select your criteria for the vacancy counter report and click Print-F12 or Preview-F11

  1. Click on Summary–F11 - This option can only be selected after Display List is selected.  Print the list of properties shown on the status screen.  This report prints the same details as the Property Vacancy Grid in a printable format

Management Reporting Benefits

The Property Vacancy Grid reports on vacancies, but can also be used in conjunction with the Management Report as you can generate a summary of the properties marked as Not for Relet and Properties being Renovated.

NOTE: The number of Not for Relet properties appear on the Management Report each month. These figures are based on properties that have these boxes selected on the Property Card > Financial tab

  1. Go to Reports > Management > Management Report > Preview

  1. Files > Property Vacancy - untick all Status Filters except Not for re-let & Renovations and Display List/Refresh

  1. Click on Summary-F11 and preview the Property Vacancy Summary report, this will show the properties with status Not for Relet which can be married up with the management report


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