Tenant Refund – Apply all Overpaid Rent to Invoices


You may have a vacating tenant who has paid past their vacating date, however the tenant has outstanding invoices that total the rent refund due (or more). This process in REST will:

  • Refund management fees on tenant refund that is to be applied to outstanding invoices
  • Apply all of the rent paid past the vacate date to outstanding invoices
  • Update the tenant paid to date and credit/s


  1. Go to Transactions > Tenant Refund

  • Change the refund description to reflect the refund has been paid to o/s invoices
  • Add a forwarding address as C/- Agent Name
  • Choose payment method Cheque
  • Ensure Print Cheque Now is selected
  • Click on OK-F12

Change the cheque number to 999999 and click on Start Process

  1. The total amount of the refund can now be receipted to the outstanding invoices by going to Transactions > Rent Receipt and clicking on the Invoices Tab

  1. Click in the Incl GST amount and enter each invoice amount and then click Next after each invoice.
  2. When you have finished entering in all the invoice amounts and then click on OK-F12

  1. Choose payment method Direct Deposit and then click OK-F12
21/08/2017 10:54 am AEST

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