Set up Water Usage in Company Details

Important Note: All charges in REST are based on annual charges. As a result you must enter the rates into REST as annually. If you have the quarterly rates, you need to enter into REST as the quarterly rates x 4

  1. To set up water usage charges: Go to System Options > Other and check “use water usage metering”
  2. Then go to Other > Utilities > Company Details > Water Usage
  3. Enter the default water usage account code
  4. Enter allowance (if applicable). This is a default allowance for all tenants. If a default account code does not apply to ALL tenants then do not enter in Company Details but enter the allowance on the tenant file > Invoices tab
  5. Then enter the charge units up to. For example: If the first charge is 1.38 for units up to 100kL and the second charge is 2.07 for any units above 100kL, then enter as follows:

Example 2:

If the first charge rate is 1.38 up to 100kL

The second charge rate is 2.07 up to 300KL

And then anything above 300kL is charged at a rate of 2.52, then enter as follows:

02/05/2018 10:10 pm AEST

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