How to Setup Web Advertising from Rest Professional to


As you have previously been manually uploading to this site, requires unique ID numbers to be set against each of the properties that have been advertised to in the past. 

These unique ID numbers will be emailed to you directly from

It is imperative that you enter these ID numbers prior to your first upload through Rest Professional to avoid any complications with uploads to their website.

To Setup Advertising to in Rest Professional

Note: this must be completed by a user with the highest security level: 

  1. Go to Other > Utilities > Company Details > Advertising Tab
  2. Click on the Configure/View button
  3. Click the Add button
  4. Select the Service
  5. Enter your Agent ID - This should be provided to you by
  6. Click OK-F12

To Enter the Unique ID numbers to Rest Professional

  1. Go to Files > Property, enter the property address  
  2. Select the Advert Tab > General Tab 
  3. Enter the number from the spread sheet in the "Property Number" field (see screenshot below with an example)
  4. Click OK-F12 
  5. If you are trying to add an ID for a property that is currently advertised to other portals, you will need to go to the Property > Advert > Advertise Tab > untick this property to be advertised and press OK-F12 to save. 
  6. Go to Files > Web Advertising > Upload
  7. Go back to the Property Card > Advert Tab > General Tab > enter the ID > tick to be advertised again and complete the web upload
  8. Lastly you will need to contact the support team on 1300 134 174 to advise them that you have successfully entered your unique ID's against the relevant properties so that they can enable your feeds from Rest Professional. 

Note: Any new properties entered into Rest Properties will not require an ID number to be entered.

For complete details on how to enter advertising details and upload you properties to the web, please refer to our knowledgebase article: How to Setup Web Advertising in Rest Professional

If you require any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact Support here:

20/12/2021 11:13 am AEDT

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