How to Refund Levy When the Lot is not Prepaid in STRATA Master

How to Process a Miscellaneous Owner Invoice

Go to Accounting > Issue Invoice > Issue Miscellaneous Invoice

  1. Lot/Plan #
  2. Account Code - Select Miscellaneous Income Admin
  3. Amount - Enter amount to be refunded
  4. The description should make reference to it being a levy refund
  5. Click Save (F5)

How to Process a Quick Pay via Accounting > Make one off Payment > Quick Payment 

  1. Select Other payee by cheque/direct entry
  2. Email Remittance to – if paying by direct entry, enter an email address to send a remittance
  3. Enter details of owner/person you are refunding
  4. Enter amount you need to refund (same as above)

NOTE: For the account code, select the same account code used above in the Miscellaneous Owner invoice i.e. Miscellaneous Income Admin

  1. Click Save and Print
  2. If Cheque is selected, a cheque/remittance will print
  3. If Direct Entry is selected, the payment will be included in the next Direct Entry Payments run


15/09/2016 9:53 am AEST

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