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Learn how Financial Groups can be used to split the accounts for corporations with distinct separate finances, like combined commercial and residential properties, all without needing another bank account.

Financial Groups Reference Guide


Can you use group allocations when entering invoices using the FileSmart Creditor invoicing function?
Yes –  Do this in the Workflow Screen in the Invoice Details Tab. These will carry through when you import invoices to STRATA Master.
If you have previously struck special levies without selecting a group can you fix that?

Cancel the levies that didn’t have a group selected, and re-post levies with group selected. 

Do we have to rebuild annual rollovers if we adjust a transaction in a prior year?
There is no need to rebuild annual rollovers as the actual amounts reported will not change. Selecting a group will break down the total figures into sections, but will not change the combined sum as can be shown on the amalgamated reports.
How would you handle automatic allocations when processing the bank statement? The system won’t know when to apply a transaction to a specific group.
Block the automatic download processing for plans or lots where you have that sort of issue, causing each transaction to show up on the exceptions report when you process your bank download. Simply tick the ‘Reject Levy Receipts’ checkbox and this will allow you to manually enter the receipt once it shows up on the exceptions report. You can find this option in the corporation screen under the financial tab or in the lot screen under the levies tab.
If an owner levy has been receipted without a group, how can we correct this and allocate it appropriately?
You will need to cancel the receipt and then re-receipt it with correct allocation using the manually receipting screen.
30/09/2019 4:13 pm AEST

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