Principals End of Month Checklist

Items Done Notes
Bank Reconciliation-Final
Does it balance back to the Trial Balance
Are all Adjustments dated with an explanation
No Adjustments should still be carried over from Previous End of Month
Outstanding Deposits- Have you sighted Daily Banking Sheets that make up this sum
Deposits Banked not Posted- Have you sighted report that makes up this sum
Sign and Date Final End of Month Bank Reconciliation
Is a copy of the Bank Statement attached
Internal Accounts
Check the Trial Balance for Internal Accounts that have funds
If Internal Accounts have funds have they been reconciled for the month (Separate Folder)
Have you been given the End of Month Audit Backup (Have you checked files exist)
Is this kept offsite?
Management Reports
Printouts to check...
Print Rent Review Report without dates to ensure that all Tenants have a review date
Print Inspection Report without dates to ensure that all Tenants have an inspection date
Print Property Vacancy Report - Should any of these Properties be archived?
Print Vacated Tenants List - Should any of these Tenants be archived?
Print Consolidated Management Report
(Print this for the current financial year)
Reports/Management/Consolidated Management Report
Print Consolidated Management Reports for each individual Property Manager

For the month of:

Principal’s Signature:


02/02/2016 10:47 am AEDT

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