How to Add Direct Deposit Details to Tenant Invoices & Statements

From Rest Professional Version 20, there is a system option to allow you to display Direct Deposit details for your Trust Account, on your Tenant invoices and statements.

To configure the Direct Deposit details on your Tenant invoices and statements, go to:

  • Other > Utilities > System Options
  • Statements Tabs
  • Select the radio button for Direct Deposit
  • Select OK/F12

Your company trust account details and tenant code number will now appear as part of Tenant Invoices and Statements under the Remittance section. For Tenants without a designated code number configured on the Tenant Master File > Bank Tab, the Tenant Alpha will display as the reference.

Tenants set to Direct Debit will not have the direct debit information displayed.

23/05/2022 9:38 am AEST

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