File Smart Workflow Assist stop processing emails for clients with Microsoft Office 365

This document is designed to be used by either your IT Provider or an IT savvy user.

If you are currently using Microsoft Office 365 and File Smart Workflow Assist stops processing emails, it could be due to Microsoft disabling access to the mailbox through IMAP using Basic Authentication.

You can go to and test using the same credentials on both Basic and Modern Authentication (OAuth) under the Authentication type.

If Basic Authentication fails and Modern Authentication passes, this confirms that the Basic Authentication has been disabled.

Please check if the credentials entered is correct if both tests failed.

The link below explains Microsoft’s latest update on Basic Authentication Deprecation and guides on how to re-enable Basic Authentication.

Please contact your IT provider to assist you with this. They may need to contact Microsoft for further assistance with re-enabling Basic Authentication.

17/10/2022 1:50 pm AEDT

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