Utility – Close Diary, Quotes and Work Orders

This screen allows you to close multiple diaries, quotes and work orders in a single action.


Owners Corporation and Lot Records

  • Open quotes, work orders, Corporation and lot owner diary records can be closed using the utility
  • Where one owners corporation is selected you may nominate all lot, or specific lot 
  • Where multiple owners corporations is selected where Lot Owner diary records is selected all lots will be included

User Diary

  • Tick the checkbox to close User diary records
  • The default is Any User which includes all active users, or you may select a specific active user 

Creditor Diary

  • Tick the checkbox to close Creditor diary records
  • The default is Select All  which includes all active creditors, or you may select a specific active creditor 

Date Range

  • Enter a from and to date 
  • The to date cannot be in the future

Confirmation messages

  • Click process to close the record types which fall between the date range recorded on screen and a confirmation message will be displayed, which will detail the date range and the number of items found for each record type.
  • Select Yes to continue to close the records, or No to change your selection criteria
  • When all records have been processed a message will be displayed confirming the number of records closed.

08/03/2016 9:49 am AEDT

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