Why can't I open fileSMART Archive after I log in?


When the user tries to login to fileSMART Archive the program doesn’t open, and if the user tries to open it again a message is displayed ‘Only one instance of this Application may run on a machine at a time.’ This is caused by Adobe Acrobat Reader DC preventing fileSMART Archive from opening a PDF that is in the user’s Pending Queue.

If the Task Manager is opened, fileSMART Archive.exe can be seen as a running process. This is a known problem with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and programs, like fileSMART Archive, which use it as a PDF viewer.


To resolve this problem we recommend uninstalling Adobe Reader DC and installing Adobe Reader XI which is still available on the Adobe website https://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/, and make it the default viewer for PDFs on the computer.

The installer can also be found by navigating to the ‘AS_Files\Packages\Client\ISSetupPrerequisites\Adobe Acrobat Reader XI’ folder on your fileSMART Server. The installer can be run directly from there – there is no need to copy it across to the computer it is being installed on. 

If Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is installed

If Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is installed on the computer it should not be installed. Just uninstall Adobe Reader DC, install Adobe Reader XI, and make it the default viewer for PDFs. 

If Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is installed on the computer, and Adobe Reader XI has already been installed and is the default viewer and the problem returns we recommend reinstalling Adobe Reader XI and making sure it is selected as the default PDF viewer. 

If Adobe Acrobat Reader XI can’t be installed immediately, follow this procedure:

1. Open Task Manager on the affected computer.

2. Find ‘fileSMART Archive’ in the running processes and ‘End Task’.

3. Get the fileSMART adminstrator in your office to log into fileSMART Archive and ‘Clear’ the licence being used by the user’s computer – see the Rockend Customer Lounge Knowledgebase guide How to Clear a User License.

4. The user should try to log into fileSMART Archive on another computer and archive the PDFs in the Pending Queue and log out again.

5. The user should now be able to log into fileSMART Archive on their own computer again.

20/09/2018 3:30 pm AEST

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