How to Refund Overpaid GST to Commercial Tenant


You may have a tenant that has paid GST on rent/out-goings when the owner was not registered for GST, and as a result the overpaid GST will need to be credited back to the tenant.

This document will cover:

  • How to Refund Overpaid GST to Rent
  • How to Refund Overpaid GST to Refund

How to Refund Overpaid GST to Rent

  1. Go to Transactions > Quick Disbursements 
  • Property – Enter the alpha index of the property and press ENTER
  • Amount – Enter the overpaid GST amount, ensure GST is set to 0.00
  • Cheque Number – Enter cheque number 999999 (Self presenting Cheque number)
  • Pay to – Enter the name of your tenant
  • Description – Refund overpaid GST on Rent  
  • Account Code – Enter account code 119

  1. Click OK-F12

  1. Go to Transactions > Rent Receipts
  • Tenant – Enter the tenant alpha index and press enter
  • Amount – Enter the amount against rent or tenant invoice credit as required for the same amount as the disbursement created

NOTE: Receipting this to tenant invoice credit will allow you to hold these funds and apply to a future invoice, or alternatively refund the tenant (see next step)

  1. Click OK-12 
  2. Enter the payment method as Direct Deposit and click OK-F12 


How to Refund Overpaid GST to Refund

If you have applied the Overpaid GST to tenant invoice credit, you can now pay this out to the tenant by going to Transactions > Allocate Tenant Invoice Credit.  Click on the Refund Tab and enter the info as required.  Proceed to payout the tenant (as creditor) through Reports > Creditor > Remittance and Payment and follow the prompts.  For more information on how to allocate tenant invoice credit, please see document “How to Receipt and Allocate Tenant Invoice Credit”.

12/06/2020 11:50 am AEST

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