How to Payout Internal Owners in Rest Professional


Internal Accounts are set up in REST to process receipts such as bonds, tenancy Fees, letting fees & advertising. They also collect management fees, GST charges as well as postage and sundry fees.

Examples of internal accounts are as follows:

  • Management fees Sundries & Postage
  • GST fees Advertising account
  • Tenancy Agreement fees Residential bonds
  • Letting Fees Commercial bonds

This document will assist you to:

  • Run a Report on all existing Internal Owners
  • Payout Internal Owners

Run a Report on all existing Internal Owners

You can obtain a report of all current internal accounts that are set up within REST.

  1. Go to Reports > Owner > Detail report
  2. Account types select from the drop down menu Internal Owners only
  3. Click Preview.

Payout Internal Owners

  1. Go to Reports > Owner > Auto deposit EFT payments, Select Internal owners only. NOTE: If your internal owners are paid out by cheque, you would go to Reports > Owner > Cheque Printing and choose Internal Owners Only and click PRINT
  2. Click Process

  1. Rest will prompt you that x amount of owners payments have been written to temporary EFT file, as shown below. Say YES to create you final EFT file for upload to the bank

Ensure that you are not overwriting the aba file for your real owners if you are doing this step after completing the Mid month process. Confirm that any previous ABA files have first been imported into your banking software successfully. Then ensure you upload this new file to the bank immediately to avoid it being overwritten by any further payments done in REST.

28/05/2019 10:53 am AEST

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