How to Create your own Customised Portal Brochure 

Rockend's designers have put together a generic Portal Brochure that you can use to advise your lot owners about the facilities available in the Owner & Committee Portal, as well as saving a branded link to their phone's home screen.

This brochure should be customised with your company branding to link more effectively with your company and website, below are the recommended steps. 

  1. Download the template and open in MS Word. Strata-portal-brochure-template.docx
  2. Navigate to the header banner image, right-click on the image and select Change Picture > From a File to update with your company letterhead. Browse to the corresponding banner image and select. Do this on both pages of the brochure.
    Note: The image size used for the header is 852 x 120 px.
  3. Repeat step 2 for the footer, or if a footer is not required you may delete the footer by clicking on the image and pressing the delete key. Do this on both pages of the brochure.
    Note: The image size used for the footer is 852 x 80 px.
  4. In the Quick Tip text box on page 1, replace [insert web address] with your business' website address.
  5. On page 2 replace [Insert Web Address] with your business' website address for both the iPhone and Android instructions.
  6. (Optional) You can edit the text of the brochure, if you do this ensure that it stays within the text frames.
  7. (Optional) Before further customising the Portals brochure; customise the branding options on the Owner & Committee Portals, as you will be using screenshots of your portal to complete your brochure.
    For more information on customising the look of the Portals, see the article on Design & Branding
  8. (Optional) Take and save a screenshot of your Portal from your phone. The screenshot should be 174 x 346 px.
    We suggest the following screenshots as options;
    • Your website homepage, with the Portal log in buttons visible.
    • The log in page of the Portal, once your client has clicked the log in button from your company web-page.
    • If you're unable to take an appropriate screenshot, the template in Step 2. includes a generic image that you are able to use
  9. (Optional) Right-click the blue rectangle and select the Fill option to change the colour of the rectangle to your company branding
  10. Save your brochure.
  11. You can now use the brochure to educate existing clients about the benefits of the Portals, or add to your business development presentations to help grow your business.
09/09/2019 10:18 am AEST

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