Change Sender Email Address for Levies

When Levies are sent by email, you may wish to change the email address to one that is more general, or that will handle replies, such as

Strata Master is designed to use Microsoft Outlook as the default. The primary limitation of Outlook is that the 'From' email address will be the email address of the user who is sending the emails from Strata Master.

To make changes to the 'From' email address there are 2 options for your business -

1. Discuss with your IT regarding using SMTP as your communication method instead of Outlook. Setting is found in Agency > Configuration > Options #2

  • locate the box for 'Bulk email for creditor Payments, online access and SMS'
  • click 'edit' and untick 'Use Microsoft Outlook
  • fields appear for completion. These need to be completed by your IT.

There are pros and cons to using SMTP, so you will need to make you own decision as to whether SMTP will work for your business.

2. Adjust the default email address in Outlook. The setting to do so is NOT in Strata Master. Changes to settings in Outlook are not covered by Strata Master Support staff. This information is provided as a guide and we recommend you speak with your IT.

  • Locate the Account Settings in Outlook
  • In the Email tab, you may see more than one email address.  If so, one will be marked as the default. change the default prior to sending Levies or other bulk emails and change back later, once Levies or bulk emails are sent.
  • In the Email tab, if you only see one email address, or do not see the required email address, speak with your IT.

Useful Links

This link has some useful information regarding SMTP - How to Setup SMTP in Rest Professional | MRI Knowledgebase (

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