Cancel a Lot Owner Receipt

This article will assist you to cancel a receipt to a Lot Owner's ledger.

Important notes about Receipt Cancellations -

  • When a receipt is cancelled, it is cancelled at the current date.  A cancellation cannot be back dated.
  • If you are re-receipting the funds, whether to reallocate to a different fund or group or whether to reallocate to a different Lot in the same Plan, the bank reconciliation will not be affected provided you do NOT backdate the receipt. It is recommended that the re-receipt be dated current date also.
  • Cancellations of a receipt from an earlier BAS period, being at current date, does not affect a prior BAS return
  • Always run a back up prior to cancellations, adjustments or any unfamiliar processes. File > Backup. This enables you to restore and start again.

The Process

1. Check the Lot owner ledger and note the receipt details - date, amount and receipt number. 

2. Take note of the sub-type. 

3. Go to Accounting > Adjustments > Search/Cancel Receipts

4. Ensure radio button is on Owner (for levy receipts),and enter Lot and Plan number

5. Enter date range to cover the date of the receipt to be cancelled and click the binoculars to search

6. You will notice the receipts are listed in the same order as on the owner ledger.

7. If the receipt to be cancelled has a subtype other than 'Receipt' it will not show on the list.  You will notice tick boxes beside the date range.

8. Tick any relevant box until you see the receipt you are looking for and click the binoculars again.

9. Highlight the receipt you wish to cancel and click the cancel button

10. You will receive a pop up informing you of the cancellation being dated current date.

11. A pop up then requires a reason for the cancellation. At this point you can back out of the cancellation by clicking on 'cancel'. To continue, click OK.

12. Check the owner ledger to ensure you have cancelled the required receipt.

Should you have any issues determining which receipt to cancel, contact support through your MyMRI portal, or call 1300 657 700.

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Receipt to Unallocated Funds | MRI Knowledgebase (

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