Change an Agent on a Lot in Strata Master


Learn how to change the Agent recorded on a Lot, from one Agent to another Agent.

Note : It is important to not 'swap' the Agents. Doing so may prevent purging of the Agent card at a later date.


This article will take you through the steps:

If the new Agent is not already recorded in Manage > Contact > Real Estate Agents, you will need to add them

Deleting Existing Agent

1. Navigate to Corp > Lots tab and select relevant lot.

2. Click on Agent/Tenant/Leases tab

3. Click Edit button

4. Click the delete button that shows on the coloured contact screen of the Agent

5. Note that the Agent contact details are then blank, then click the Save button.

Selecting and Linking New Agent

1. On the Agent/Tenant/Leases tab, select the search binoculars.

2. The screen that opens is a list of Agents already recorded in the Manage > Contacts. Locate the Agent you wish to link to the Lot. Double click on selected agent. If the Agent is not listed, you will need to add the Agent and then return to this step.

3. Check that the Agent is linked to the Lot and shows in the coloured contact screen, then click Save.

30/05/2024 2:24 pm AEST

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