Post or Process a Levy for One Owner

This article will assist you to process/create a Levy for one Lot Owner, or one Lot at a time where only a few Lots in a Plan are affected. This will usually occur where a Levy has been cancelled for a Lot Owner and is to be re-entered.

Important Points

Note that if there are a few Lot Owners who are to be charged a Levy on a regular basis, you can create a new Entitlement Set on the Plan and issue the levy via the Levy icon. 

Please read through the instruction below prior to commencing any steps of the process.

We recommend a backup be performed prior to any cancellations, adjustments or processing of unfamiliar transactions. For instruction on how to create a back up, use this link - Creating a Backup in Strata Master | MRI Knowledgebase (


If the Plan is GST Registered, be aware of implications if the levy is to be dated in a prior BAS period. If the levy is being re-entered, after a cancellation, for the same period and the same amount, then the implication is negated/contra'd.

How to Navigate to the Required Screen

1. Select Accounting in the top toolbar, then Adjustments and Levy Journal.

2. Enter lot and Plan, click enter

3. The screen that opens shows levies paid and levies still due.  This screen will also show Misc Owner invoices.

4. In the lower half of the screen, levies can be added/posted for an individual Lot Owner. In this example above, the figures relate to a levy already existing on the list.

Process to Post a Levy

5. Click the Add button 

6. The levy details in the lower half of the screen then become blank or NIL.

7. Complete the fields on the left side.  Notice the levy frequency must be 'once-off'.

8. In the monetary fields, enter the Admin and Capital Works figures in the 'debt' column. The gst will auto enter.

9. Once you are happy with the entry, click 'Save'

10. The levy will then appear on the list above.

11. To print or issue, go to the Levy icon and issue through Print or Email levy Notices.

Useful Links

Creating a Backup in Strata Master | MRI Knowledgebase (

Cancelling Levy By Owner | MRI Knowledgebase (

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