Understanding a Receipt not Showing Levy Allocation on Owner Ledger in Strata Master


When accessing a Lot Owner ledger through the Corp > Lots >Levies tab screen, you may notice some receipts do not show a levy allocation in the record. This article will show you how to access that information.


The Lot Owner Ledger accessed through the Lot Card will show transactions from the most recent 2 year period. If a receipt during the 2 year period was allocated in part or in full, to a levy that was due prior to that period, the allocation will not show.

Refer below below for the steps to a more complete ledger with a wider range of dates for selection.

Accessing a Full Ledger

1. Select Formatted Reports icon in the toolbar.

2. Select the Owner Reports tab

3. Select Owner Ledger

4. Enter a date range that is greater than 2 years, along with the Lot and Plan details of the required Lot.

Then click ok.

5. The required ledger will show as a preview. In the example below, you can see the Receipt #1 dated 17/3/2020 has been applied to levies 1,2 and 3.  These levies relate to 1/4/2020, 1/07/2020 and 1/10/2020.

6. In this preview screen, you can print the ledger or save a copy if required.

13/02/2024 11:21 am AEDT

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