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When attempting to update Rest Professional from an outdated version, you may receive a message that the version cannot be upgraded.
This is due to the version installed on your system requiring a stepped upgrade to an interim version for required features before you may upgrade to the current release.

The REST Professional Installation upgrades the application components for each workstation and server.
When the version of the application is a more recent (Higher) version that the database you connect to, the program will prompt to upgrade that database to the matching version. 

Each database on the server will need to be upgraded separately by accessing that database.  It is recommended to first perform the installation of Rest Professional and the upgrade of the databases on the server where the databases are located.

Workstations that connect to a database that is a more recent version will be prompted to upgrade the application components on that workstation.
As the application on the workstations may be upgraded straight to the most recent version of Rest Professional, we recommend leaving the update of the workstation until the server and the databases are completely upgraded.

Upgrading the database to the current release version of Rest Professional may require additional upgrades to earlier version dependent on the version currently in place on your system. 

Confirm your version of Rest Professional by logging in and navigating to the Help > About Rest screen.
Please refer to the upgrade path below according to the version of Rest Professional installed on your system.

Planning your upgrade path

The table below shows the required steps for an upgrade according to the version of Rest Professional installed.

If you are on any version prior to 8.6.xx > Complete upgrade to v8.6.08
If you are on v8.6.xx to v9.x.xx > Complete upgrade to v10.0.03
If you are on v10.x.xx to v11.x.xx > Complete upgrade to v12.0.09
If you are on v12.x.xx > Complete upgrade to v14.0.07
If you are on v14.x.xx > Complete upgrade to v15.0.07
If you are on v15.x.xx > Complete upgrade to v16.5.04
If you are on v16.x.xx > Complete upgrade to v17.5.05
If you are on v17.x.xx and above > Upgrade straight to the latest version 

Click here to Download the relevant versions of REST Professional

Complete your upgrade(s)

To upgrade the database from an earlier version you will need to step through each installation and the upgrade of each database up to the current release version.
Some versions may take longer to complete then others, this can be expected as some versions contained additional components. Ensure you plan sufficient time.
For additional information on upgrading a Rest Professional Database, refer to relevant steps in the latest article Rest Professional Upgrade Instructions .
Please also ensure that your computers and network meet the Rest Professional System Requirements Rest Professional System Requirements.

1 - Working on your Rest Database Server, install the first version of Rest Professional.
2 - Open Rest Professional and follow the prompts to upgrade the database
3 - If there is more than one database, upgrade each before advancing to the next version of Rest Professional.
4 - Repeat these steps for each version.

Updated 06 Nov 2019 

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