Strata Community Association Members Disclosure Statement 1 July 2021

Professional Standards Legislation requires the following statement for association members who are covered by a Professional Standards scheme, in a font size no less than Times New Roman 8-point :

Liability Limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

While we recommend you seek legal advice in regard to compliance with the Legislation, you may be able to comply by adding the disclosure to your Letterhead. There would be limited space at the top of the custom header.  MRI is able to assist with this change to your custom header if required, as chargeable support. 

Please refer to this article for information about the Custom Header requirements:

Note that the Letterhead appears at the top of reports, invoices, agendas and minutes, and can also appear on receipts. Refer Configure > Agency > Option #1.

In addition, there are these areas where the disclosure can be added:

1. If you issue communications, invoices and reports to your clients using Strata Master Templates, in addition you can add the disclosure to your templates. Templates are found in your Strata$ folder on your server. Within that folder, you will find the Template folder. You are able to open each Template and paste the disclosure into the Templates.

2. If you wish to add the disclosure to your Work Orders, Quotes, Levy Notices and Misc Owner Invoices, the links below will guide you :

3. You may decide to add the disclosure to your Outlook email signature.

4.  If you post invoices and reports, and do not make changes as per the above, you will need to attach a printed disclosure such as a 'With Compliments' slip.

For any advice on what changes you need to make, contact the Association or legal advice.

30/06/2021 4:52 pm AEST

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