Interim Reports – Not All Plans Are Printing  

Menu: Reports > Interim Reports

If the system is not picking up certain strata plans there are a few items you can check which may be preventing the reports being included in a bulk run.

  1. Report Criteria (Reporting Period)

In the Corp screen, on the financial tab, check the “Interim reporting period” field.  There are 3 options in this field: monthly, quarterly or six monthly.  Ensure that the period you are trying to print the report for in the interim report screen is the same as what is set in this field.

  1.  Include Last Report Period in Financial Year 

If the ‘reporting to’ month is also the end of the financial year for the building, this will need to be selected for the report to generate.  

  1. Building in Current Financial Year

Buildings whose year- end has passed will not be included in the Interim Report generation. Check the Financial year end field in the Corp screen > General tab

Building will need to be rolled over into current Financial Year before the next lot of Interim Reports will generate. 

  1. Building in Initial Period

Check the Corp screen > General Tab - Initial Period? – this building will not be included in a bulk report run until its initial period has ended.

24/03/2022 6:03 pm AEDT

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