Setup a GST Creditor and Paying GST

You are now able to setup a GST creditor to allow for electronic payment of GST.

Linking the Creditor

  • Configure > Display & Set Config Values > Financial tab allows you to link an existing creditor for the purposes of paying GST.
  • If you do not have a GST Creditor already recorded in your database, a creditor has been created and attached in the configuration screen, as shown below.
  • The default creditor has been set to Pay by Cheque but can be changed as required.

Updating the GST Creditor details

  • Manage > Creditor – Select creditor code ATOGST. 
    • If this creditor already existed in your database prior to Version 8, the creditor code will be ATOGST1.
  • To change the payment method, place the creditor screen in edit mode.
  • Where the payment method is set to BPAY, enter the ATO GST Biller Code of 75556.
    • You may enter the CRN for each GST registered owners corporation on the CRN tab, or allow STRATA Master to update the CRN for each plan once the first invoice has been entered.
  • Creditor Compliance has not been set for this creditor, so you must update the Creditor Compliance Status and WHS to Compliant before creating any entries against this creditor.

Paying GST

  • Accounting > GST > Payment screen has been updated to display the default GST creditor and the default payment method set for the creditor.
  • Where the payment method is Direct Entry or BPAY you are able to change the payment method on screen for one off cheque payments.
  • The default payment method on screen will determine which icons are displayed on screen.
  • Where payment is by cheque, the Printer icon will be displayed as a quick cheque is produced after each plan’s GST payment details are entered.

  • Where payment method is Direct Entry or Bulk BPAY the Process icon is displayed as the dissections are saved as creditor invoices from the Remit GST screen.
  • Where payment method is Bulk BPAY after the first invoice dissection amount has been saved the CRN is locked for the remaining GST entries. This field is unlocked when a new owners corporation is selected.

Creditor Invoices entry screen

  • Accounting > Enter Creditor Invoices > Creditor Invoice screen has been updated to allow you to view unpaid creditor invoices created from the Remit GST screen.
  • New creditor invoices can be entered from this screen against the GST creditor.
  • To enable the selection of the GST creditor accounts you must tick Show accounts without budget 
  • The accounts are displayed in alphabetical order, and the GST accounts are named (by default) Creditor—GST—Admin and Creditor—GST—Sinking.

Paying GST

  • Where the default payment method is set to cheque, a quick cheque will be issued when you select the Print icon on the Remit GST screen. All other payments for GST will be made from the Creditor Payments screen, which can be accessed from the main toolbar.

Note: Where invoices are unpaid and the default payment method is cheque, Computer cheques will be issued from the Pay Creditor invoices screen.

  • Select Creditor Payments and tick Pay GST and the GST creditor is automatically populated on screen, including the payment method.

  • Where payment is made by BPAY the net remittance for each CRN will be paid to the GST Creditor.
  • As only the net remittance is paid, the Bulk BPAY payments summary will display all invoice dissections included in the net payment.

02/02/2016 10:55 am AEDT

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