Edit a Creditor Invoice in Strata Master


This article will step through navigation to the Creditor Invoicing screen, for those new to Strata Master, and then lists edits that can be made.


Creditor invoicing screen shows invoices entered as due for payment but not yet paid.

You may need to edit the details of an invoice already sitting in the Creditors Invoice screen, having been previously entered but with changes required. 

Alternatively, a payment made may have been reversed due to being rejected at bank, and after being pushed back into Creditor Invoicing, requires editing before payment being attempted again.

The Creditor Invoicing Screen

1. Select the "Cr Invoice" icon in the toolbar.

2. Enter the relevant Plan number under which the invoice can be found, and click enter on your keyboard.

Making the Edits

1. Highlight the invoice you wish to edit. The lower half of the screen then populates details of that invoice.

2. You can edit the following :

  • The Creditor, by selecting from the drop down list
  • The work order number, by selecting from the drop down list if relevant
  • The Group, by selecting from the drop down list.
  • The account selected, by ticking 'show accounts without a budget' and selecting from the drop down list.
  • The Description, by selecting from the drop down list or by keying in a new Description.
  • The Amount, by keying in a new amount. Note the gst field may be relevant and visible but should adjust to 1/11th of the Amount.
  • The Invoice number, by keying in a new number
  • The Date due and Transaction dates can also be changed, however you may find some restrictions on selectable date dates.
  • The Invoice status can be changed from Hold to Pay or from Pay to Hold, simply by clicking the radio button beside the preferred status.

3. Click the Save button when happy with the edits made.

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