fileSMART Creditor Invoicing (FSCI) Screen

Version 6.5 of STRATA Master, together with Version 5.5 of fileSMART allows you to complete invoice approval in fileSMART through two dedicated invoicing workflows.

Once invoices are approved in fileSMART invoices are displayed in STRATA Master on the fileSMART Creditor Invoice screen for those users with the appropriate permissions. You can access the screen from the Accounting Menu, in Creditor invoicing. There is also a shortcut to open the screen; Crtl-F.

The FSCI Screen will only be visible to those users on version 5.5.2 of fileSMART or later, and where the required training has been delivered by a training consultant. If your office has not completed the training, please contact our Training Team on 1300 657 700 or email for further details.

The fileSMART Creditor Invoice screen is used to validate and process invoices for payment.

Until such time as the invoices are processed from this screen there is no record of the invoice in STRATA Master, as it has not been validated and approved.

To view the status of an invoice which has not been saved in STRATA Master, this can be completed in fileSMART by searching workflows.

How to use the fileSMART Creditor Invoicing Screen

  1. All approved invoices from fileSMART Strata Invoice Workflows will be validated when the screen is launched. These validation rules applied are the same as when saving a manually entered invoice
  2. Invoices are will be automatically categorised as Valid, Warnings or Invalid
  3. Valid invoices are those without warnings or invalid data. The cell colour remains black and no messages are shown on screen under Comments
  4. Warnings are those with details which should be checked prior to saving, and are shown in blue. Data to be checked is listed in the Comment field on screen and is also displayed on the summary report
  5. Invalid invoices cannot be saved and are shown in red.  Invalid data must be corrected, or the invoice deleted
  6. By ticking the Valid, Warnings or Invalid check boxes you can reduce the invoices displayed on screen based on their status
  7. Search on screen to display invoices where the search criteria matches creditor name, plan number, amount or invoice number
  8. Sort details on screen by clicking on the column headings Creditor, Plan number or Amount
  9. Display invoices for a specific manager using the Manager selector
  10. Invoice details can be edited in the FSCI screen before saving the invoice to STRATA Master
  11. Workflow details as recorded in fileSMART are displayed at the top, on the right side of the screen
  12. To change the expense account or group select the new details below the grid and click Update to save the new account details
  13. Click the Show Invoice button to view the document in fileSMART
  14. Click Charge Owner button to launch the Miscellaneous Owner Invoice entry screen with all details pre-populated, with the exception of the lot number
  15. Select invoices to be saved by ticking Inc checkbox
  16. Select invoices to be deleted by ticking Del checkbox
  17. Validate selected invoices. Once all selected invoices are validated for saving or deleting the print preview button is enabled
  18. Preview the list of invoices to be saved
  19. Process the selected invoices
  20. When the processing has been completed the screen will be redisplayed with any remaining fileSMART approved invoices which have not been saved to STRATA Master

See this article for more information on STRATA Master & fileSMART Integration "Auto-Archiving documents from STRATA Master"

08/03/2016 9:49 am AEDT

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