Unable to login to STRATA Master - Licence User Limit Exceeded


STRATA Master licensing uses a Concurrent Licence model, which means that each login to STRATA Master counts as an ‘Active User’

 If you have exceeded your limit, review the ‘Active User’ list and request that one of the users closes STRATA master to free a concurrent licence.
 Note: ‘STRATA Web Access’ may appear in the list at times, this is normal and not counted as a concurrent licence

 As a rare occurrence, you might find that a user has already closed STRATA Master but they are still appearing in the ‘Active Users’ list

Steps to identify and work around the Issue

  • Select Configure > View Active Users – this will display the workstations that are currently recognised by STRATA Master as being in use 
  • Go to the workstation(s) listed in the Active user list 
  • Identify and close any instances of STRATA.EXE Application via Task Manager
  • Right click the Windows taskbar > Select Task Manager > Details
  • If strata.exe appears in the list, right click on strata.exe and select End Task
  • If strata.exe does not appear in the list this indicates another issue which will need to be raised with Rockend Support

  • In STRATA Master, Review the ‘Active User’ list and verify this workstation no longer appears in the list

Note: If you are operating in a Terminal Server environment: ‘Active Users’ will display the ‘Terminal Server’ machine, not the individual desktop which is accessing the terminal server. You can use the Host process ID to identify the instance of STRATA.exe that needs to be closed, following the same steps as above

Steps to Prevent Issue Recurring

As per the Rockend System Requirements for STRATA Master, follow the Checklist to ‘Optimise and Protect your installation of STRATA Master’, specifically the DEP exclusions and Anti-Virus recommendations

18/12/2019 6:42 pm AEDT

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