Error 91 in Submetering Process in Strata Master

If you receive an error 91 when trying to email the invoices, this is usually caused by a change of ownership, where a previously managed Lot is now owner occupied.

There are other circumstances when an owner will phone and change their delivery method.

The submeter process holds records of 'contact to invoice' and whether to email or print. If this does not match with the Lot Owners card ,you will get an error 91. Below is a screenshot of a submeter contact screen for a Strata Plan.

Navigate to the Submeter Contact Screen

1. Click on the Corp icon 

2. Click on the Light Globe icon that represents submetering 

3. Select the meter number 

4. Contact details will show on that screen 

Fixing the Cause of the Error

5. Notice that Lot 1 shows contact as Agent and Lot 2 shows Other Notice.

6. Checking the Lot Owner card shows that Lot 1 no longer has an agent and Lot 2 does not have different contact for levies. 

7. Correct the differences in the submeter screen by clicking edit, clicking word Agent and then selecting the correct option from the drop down list in the Contact to Invoice field.  Then also correct the Method field in the same manner. Levy reflects the method in the Levy tab of the Lot card.

Completing the Process

8. Finally refer to this article for assistance completing the submeter processing -

If you have thoroughly cross checked the contact details in submetering to the Lot Owner Card, and the error has not resolved, log a case with Strata Master Support for further investigation. Please note that you have made this check as in this article.  It is likely a back up of your data will be requested.

06/04/2022 6:25 pm AEST

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