Providing fileSMART Access to a Strata Searcher

Strata managers are often required to provide access to the records and correspondence of a strata plan, usually at the request of prospective unit purchasers or their representatives. In a paper office, this means a room, a desk, and a couple of large folders full of documents. For a paperless office using fileSMART, this can be done simply by setting up a fileSMART user as a Strata Searcher.

To Set up a User as a Strata Searcher

  1. Select the Manage Users button on the main toolbar
  2. Create a new user
    • You can use either a generic username and password (e.g. "Searcher") or a specific name for the individuals conducting a search.
    • Do not tick the checkbox for Admin, Backup, or Disabled
    • Select Non-Publisher as the User Group
    • Tick the checkbox for the Strata Searcher column
    • Input the plan number that the searcher will require access to
  3. Click the Manage button to configure the searcher's permissions
    • Add the STRATA library from Available libraries (top right) to the User Libraries (top left) using the upper plus button
    • Add the folders containing any required documents from Available Folders (bottom right) to the User Folders (bottom left) using the lower plus button
    • All User Folders should have the checkbox for Search ticked, and should NOT have access to delete or Bulk Edit.
  4. Click Done to close the Manage User Permissions window
  5. Click OK to close the Manage Users window
22/12/2017 10:11 am AEDT

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