Standard Document Types for Property Management


There are standard document types that come with each of the archiving folders in fileSMART Archive.

The items shown in Bold below are used by the fileSMART Auto Archive or the fileSMART system and should not be modified or deleted.

If the document is Auto Archived when printed from REST Professional to the fileSMART PrintMail printer then the title shown on the document is listed in the column on the right.

The fileSMART administrator in your office can add document types and these can be modified or deleted as required.

NOTE: Changing or deleting a document type doesn’t change or delete documents already archived under that name. The administrator should use the bulk edit feature to ensure document already archived have one of the current document type names.

Standard document types by folder

Property Management

Document Type

REST Document Title

Advertising Docs

Body Corporate Docs


Correspondence – Owner

Correspondence – Tenant 

Correspondence – Tribunal

End of Year Statement

Owner Income & Expenditure

Inspection Report – Ingoing

Inspection Report – Outgoing

Inspection Report – Routine

Insurance Docs

Lease Agreement

Maintenance or Repair Docs

Management Agreement


Owner Invoice

Owner Statement

Tax Invoice

Photos – Inspection

Pre fileSMART

Pre-Electronic Docs – Owner

Pre-Electronic Docs - Tenant

Tenant Docs – Initial 

Tenant Docs – Vacating

Tenant Invoices

Tenant Tax Invoice

Tenant Receipts

Trust Account Receipt

Tenant REST Tax Invoice

Tenant Tax Invoice

Tenant Water Rate Copy

Water Rates


Document Type

REST Document Title

Bank Ledger

Bank Rec – Daily

Bank Rec – Monthly

Bond Ledger

Bond Trust Reconciliation Report


Cheque List

Creditor Ledger

Creditor Trust Ledger

Creditor Remittances and Payments

Creditor Statement

Debit Occurrence Report

Debit Occurrence Report

EFT Statement

EFT Tenant Debits List

EFT Tenant Debits List

EFT Transaction List

EFT Payments List

File Changes Report

File Changes Report

Funds Transfer Status Report


Trust Journal Entries

Outstanding Disbursements Report

Outstanding Disbursements or Outstanding Disbursements by Owner

Owner Ledger

Payments Report 

Trust Payments Report


Receipts Report

Trust Receipts



RTA Ledger

Sales Ledger

Sales Trust Ledger

Statements – Bank

Statements – Bond 

Tenant Ledger

Tenant Trust Ledger Report

Trial Balance – Bank 

Trust Trial Balance

Trial Balance – Bond

Trial Balance – Creditors

Trial Balance – Owners

Trial Balance – Tenant

Trust Account - Adjustments

Trust Account – Reconciliation

Bank Trust Account Reconciliation

Trust Account – Unpresented Chqs

Unpresented Cheque List

Trust Account – Unpresented Deposits

Trust Ledger

Trust Ledger

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