How to Generate a Tenant Lease Dates Report


Depending on the report options chosen, the Tenant Lease Dates Report prints a list of tenants with the lease expiry date, lease review date, original lease start date, current lease start date, periodic lease date or lease option date falling between the entered dates.

This report assists managers and property managers with monitoring and maintaining lease commencements and expires as well as lease reviews.

This document will cover:

  • How to Generate the Tenants Lease Dates Report
  • Lease Date Reporting Options
  • Sample Lease Date Report

How to Generate the Tenants Lease Dates Report

  1. Go to Reports > Tenant > Tenant Lease Dates Report
  2. Select criteria:
  • All – to display all tenancies
  • Range – to display only tenants between a specific alpha range
  • Select – to display only specific tenants
  • Manager – the report can be generated for a specific Manager or All
  • Report Order – Select to print the report in Tenant or Property (alpha) order
  • Class - To print the report for a particular type, such as Residential, Commercial, Holiday or Industrial
  • From Date – The starting date of the report
  • To Date - The expiry date of the report
  • None – Tick this box if you want to report to generate where No Dates have been entered
  • Lease Date - Select the type of report to be generated, see below for list of reports
  • Date Order – Select this box if you want the report to print in date order
  1. Click Print-F12 or Preview-F11

Lease Date Reporting Options

The following Lease Dates can be reported on:

  • Lease Review
  • Lease Expiry
  • Original Lease Start
  • Lease Start
  • Lease Option
  • Periodic Lease

Depending on your choice, Rest prints the report showing all tenants with chosen type of lease dates entered between the from and to dates. The Original Lease Start date, Lease Start date, Lease Expiry date and Periodic Lease date, can be found on the General Tab of the Tenant Details screen. The Lease Review and Option dates can be found on the Commercial Tab.

Sample of Tenant Lease Dates Report

10/11/2020 9:50 am AEDT

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