Conversion from the Internal Document Register

Once fileSMART is configured as your document manager you will no longer be able to access documents previously registered in STRATA Master from the Corp screen. As these documents are located on your strata drive in a documents folder for each plan you are still able to navigate to them from your network, but they will not be as easy to locate, or filter through.

We have created a conversion program which will take a copy of your all existing documents in the STRATA Master Document Register and archive them in the fileSMART Owners Corporation folder

  • The program is shipped with the upgrade of STRATA Master but is not accessed from the software
  • The conversion program named Internal Document Register Conversion must be launched, configured and run from the Strata drive on the server

Configuring the Conversion Program

Prior to archiving the documents in fileSMART you must decide the document type for the converted document to be assigned against.

The left hand side lists each of the document types in the Internal Document Register in STRATA Master, and on the right side you can view which documents are used when archiving into fileSMART.

You are also able to specify additional fields (if any) you wish to copy from the internal document register to be recorded against each document in the notes field in fileSMART.

Archiving existing STRATA Master documents

The conversion program will identify how many documents are registered in STRATA Master, and the number of documents which it was able to locate.

  • When you are ready to archive the documents you click the start button and a copy of each document found in the Document Register will be copied and archived to the Owners Corporation folder for the plan.
  • The document type assigned, and any additional notes recorded in fileSMART will be based on your configuration of the conversion program.
  • When copying and archiving each document from your internal document register a log file is compiled to record which documents have been copied and archived in fileSMART.
  • If you encounter a problem during the conversion of documents you can to re-commence the migration of documents and be assured that the same document will not be copied twice.

See this article for more information on STRATA Master & fileSMART Integration "Frequently Asked Questions in fileSMART"

08/03/2016 9:49 am AEDT

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