STRATA Master Version 10.0 Upgrade Training

STRATA Master Version 10 includes Online Voting for General Meetings, Multiple Dissections for FSCI, a Delegated Functions report, and a number of other features. 

Make the most of the new functionality by checking the release notes, or taking the online training course via the links below. The online training can be taken at your own pace, and you can view the content in any order, even skipping the features that don't apply to your business. It's even been designed to be just as easy to view on a smartphone or tablet!

STRATA Master Version 10 - Release Notes.pdf
STRATA Master Version 10.0.3 - Release Notes.pdf

Online Training - STRATA Master Version 10.0 

fileSMART Version 7.8 was released in conjunction with STRATA Master Version 10.0 - view release notes and upgrade instructions here

06/12/2018 11:38 am AEDT

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