Owner Portals Showing Date in US Format


You may have a date format issue on your owner portals, the dates showing the incorrect date format. I.e. the date for 10 April 2014 may show as 04/10/14 on the portals instead of 10/04/14.

This is caused by the regional and language settings being set to a US format instead of English (Australia) for some user accounts.

This may also affect the tenant paid to dates; they may show in the incorrect format, or not show a date at all i.e. 30 April 2014 would be 30/04/14 in English (Australia) format, however it is trying to display the US format 04/30/14. This date is invalid, therefore does not show the dates at all.


Regional and Language setting will need to be saved on the server.

  1. Go to Start Menu  > Control Panel
  2. Click on Region and Language
  3. Click on the Administrative Tab
  4. Click on Copy Settings

  1. Tick the 2 boxes to change current settings to Welcome screen and system accounts and also New user accounts

  1.  Click OK
  2. To effect these changes on the Owner Portal, you will need to restart the services within Rest Communicator. This must be done using the highest level of security in REST and done on the server:
  • Go to Other > Utilities > Rest Communicator Configuration
  • Click on Installation
  • Click on Re-start

If you have Filesmart on the same server as rest communicator, please contact Rockend for assistance in re-starting the services.

02/02/2016 10:49 am AEDT

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