How to do a Mail Merge in REST Professional


In order to successfully process a mail merge in REST Professional you must have a mail merge template already created and ready to merge with. If you do not have this set up, refer to the document “How to Create a Mail Merge Document in REST Professional”.


  1. Go to Other > Print Letters / Mail Merge

  2. Merge with - Merge with Tenant 

    NOTE: We recommend that all templates be set up as a tenant merge as there are more merge fields to choose from. The tenant merge includes tenant, property and owner information. 

  3. Type of Letter – choose a letter type which best suits this merge. If you do not need REST to select the criteria for the type of letter leave this set to General

  4. Contact - Select the relevant Contact, Manager & Property Type 

  5. Filter – Select your filter criteria as required

  6. Selection – Select All, Range or Select a tenant(s). This will default to All if no selection is made

    NOTE: If you tick the Property Order box and then select it will show in property order

  7. Output - Select Mail Merge

  8. Click on Browse, select the document you wish to merge to & click Open

  9. If you would like this merge letter to show on your Tenant ledger tick the Update tenant history box

    NOTE: Document Management will default to being ticked, deselect if you don’t want to save to document management

  10. Click Start-F12

  1. The template will now open in WORD

  1. Click on Finish and Merge and select Edit Individual Documents 

  2. The Merge to New document screen will appear, select All  and click OK

NOTE: All your information will now be merged into the relevant merge fields in your template.

  1. To print from WORD, go to File > Print and print the document as required.

  2. Once you have printed, exit (X) out of the WORD Document

    NOTE: If you selected to save this document into Document Management when you exit the WORD document in the previous step you will be prompted with a message “Do you want to save this into Document Management” click Yes

For more information, click the links below to view other articles about Mailmerge:

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