How to Reprint a Clearing Statement in REST Professional


You may be required to reprint a previous clearing statement for an Owner.  You can reprint clearing statements for any month in the previous seven year period.  This can be printed and sent to or can be emailed to the owner.


  1. Go to Reports > Owner > Reprint Clearing Statements

  2. Select Criteria as required:

    • Month to Print – Select either the current month or select the month that the statement was cleared

    • All Range or Select – Click on Select and find the Owner from the list, then click OK-F12

    • Statement date – If the statement date is known, enter the date of the statement.  If not selected all statements within the period selected will generate

    • To email the statement tick Send email statements

  3. Click on Print-F12 or Preview-F11

    NOTE: We recommend that you preview the statement prior to emailing to ensure you are generating the correct statement


  1. Select/deselect the statements as required and click OK


  1. A confirmation screen of the number of statements you are printing will generate. Click OK

  2. The reprinted statement will now print, email or preview as required


29/03/2016 11:39 am AEDT

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