Strata Hub Changes in Strata Master version 15.0.5

The changes made in version 15.0.5 are listed below.

Some of these items will affect the " Introduction to Strata Hub Set Up and Process in Strata Master " linked here -

Strata Hub Bulk Process Column Sorting

Users can now sort the columns by clicking column headers within the Strata Hub Process screen.

Chain link for bulk process

A chain link button has been added to the Strata Hub processing screen. This allows users to select a particular plan and navigate to the strata hub register for that plan by clicking the chain link button.

Error 13 Strata Hub Register

An error occurred in the Strata Hub Register if a building insurance coverage type was entered with an Alpha reference. This issue has been fixed.

Hover Over Text in Strata hub Processing

The hover-over text for the process button in the Strata Hub Processing screen was mislabeled. This error has been fixed.

Remove Building Name Sync Back from Strata Hub Register to Corp screen.

The building name field entered into the Strata Hub register synced to the corporation screen. This error has been fixed. This means that if your Register form fills tis field with up 'Building 1', then 'Building 1' will not be synced back to the Corp screen.

Strata Hub Committee Member's First and Last names

An issue has been fixed where the committee member names were not pulling through correctly into the Strata Hub register. This issue has been resolved.

Strata Hub - Adjust Capital Works Fund Balance - Investment Accounts

The Strata Hub ‘Capital Works Fund Balance’ field has been adjusted to include Investment Accounts in the calculation.

29/03/2023 6:50 pm AEDT

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