Emailing an Owner Statement (Clearing Statements)

There will be instances when an Owner will call your agency and request a copy of a previous monthly statement. REST Professional retains copies of ledgers, owner statements or Income & Expenditure Reports for up to 7 years within the database.

You can reprint these ledgers, owner statements or Income & Expenditure Reports at any time, even if the owner has been archived.

Reprinting an Owner Statement (Clearing Statements)

To reprint an Owner Statement for a previous month.

  1. Select Reports > Owner > Reprint Clearing Statements.
  2. Change ‘Month to Print’ from ‘Current’ to the month and year the statement was originally printed.
  3. If you know the date of the cleared statement you can enter this in the field ‘Statement date’.
  4. Click on Select and choose your owner from the list - click on Select and then ‘OK-F12’.
  5. Click on ‘Preview – F11’ to preview the statement.

REST Professional will open a menu screen listing all the statements that have been run for that owner in the selected month. Verify which statement is to be reprinted by ensuring that the checkbox next to the Alpha Index of the owner is ticked. Untick the checkbox of any statement you don’t want to print.

  1. Click OK to proceed.
  2. A prompt will now appear advising that the Statement has been selected for reprinting’. Click OK to this message.
  3. The statement will appear in the preview mode. If the statement is correct click on the email icon (blue envelope) on the toolbar.
  4. Verify the email address that this statement will be sent to is correct and click OK to proceed.
  5. REST Professional will convert the statement into a PDF file and attach it to an email ready to be sent.
  6. When ready press ‘SEND’ on your email to send the email.
02/02/2016 10:42 am AEDT

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