How to Reverse BPAY Payments in REST


You may be required to reverse a BPAY payment due to an incorrect reference number or Biller Code or maybe an incorrect amount or creditor has been paid.

This process outlines the steps required to reverse the Bulk BPAY File and then to reverse the Individual BPAY payments. You may reverse any or all of these payments.

This document will cover:

  • How to Reverse the Bulk BPAY file
  • How to Reverse BPAY payment/s
  • How to Change the Reference Number on the Regular Payments tab
  • How to Reverse and Re-enter the Creditor Disbursement
  • How to Recreate the BPAY File for Upload to Bank

How to Reverse the Bulk BPAY File

For this example, please see the below BPAY Payments List and note the second payment has an incorrect reference number that will need to be rectified before the Bank will accept the Bulk Pay Upload File for payment.

  1.  Ensure you make a note of the BPAY Reference Number on the BPAY Payments List Report as you will need this for the reversal.
  2. Go to Transactions > Cancel Transactions > Reverse Bulk BPAY File
    Note: You can reverse any Bulk Bpay File as long as it is in the current accounting period. 

  1. Enter the BPAY Reference Number and press Enter
  2. This will generate the BPAY payments list that are on this BPAY file

  1. Click Next to Continue
  2. Click Finish

NOTE: The Bulk Bpay File has now been reversed

How to Reverse the Bpay Payment/s

  1. Go to Transactions > Cancel Transactions > Reverse Bpay Payments
  2. Select the incorrect payment that you wish to reverse by ticking the box,
  3. Click Next to continue
  4. Click Finish

How to Change the Reference on the Regular Payments Tab

If the payment that you have cancelled is a Regular Payment and the reference code is saved against the regular payments details (as below) then you will need to update your records to save the correct reference number. 

  1. Go to Files > Property
  2. Click on the Reg. Payments tab


  1. Update the reference number that requires correcting and click OK-F12

NOTE: If you are paying out the creditor disbursement again and use a different reference number then previously recorded, REST will prompt you to choose an option to replace, add as new or ignore the new reference number used.

How to Reverse and Re-enter the Creditor Disbursement

  1. Go to Transactions > Cancel Transactions > Creditor Disbursements

  2. Enter the Creditor alpha index and press Enter 

    NOTE: ensure the correct creditor details appear in the yellow box

  3. Click Search–F7 to select the correct transaction for cancellation

  4. Click OK-F12 to cancel the transaction


  1. If this payment needs to be resent with the Bpay file, you will need to re-enter the creditor disbursement Go to Transactions > One off Creditor Payment, re-enter the details of the creditor disbursement ensuring the new reference number has been entered. Click on Process.

How to Recreate the Bpay File for Upload to the Bank

  1. Recreate the Bulk Bpay File by going to Transactions > Create file for Upload to Bank > Bulk BPAY File
  2. Click PRINT-F12 to upload the BPAY File to the bank

            NOTE: It is important to upload this file to the bank immediately

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