How to Add a New Creditor Category in REST Professional


This function allows you to add a new creditor category to the existing list of creditors and that specific category can later be searched within REST.


  1. Go to Files > Descriptors & Comments
  2. Choose Creditor Categories

  1. Click on the Add Mode-F4 to add in a new category
  2. Add in the description for the new Category
  3. Click OK-F12 to save

Once the categories are set up you can allocate to each creditor that you have in REST.

  1. Go to Files > Creditor
  2. Click on the category drop down box on the general tab and select the category
  3. Click OK-F12 to save

A report for all the creditor categories is available and to access this go to Reports > Creditor > Detailed Report and you will see in the Advanced Section the ability to filter Creditor Category.

Example of Report with a Category

04/03/2016 3:04 pm AEDT

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