Tenant Refund – Full Amount


  • Refunds rent to vacated tenants who have paid past the vacate date.
  • Automatically refunds the management fee to the owner.
  • Updates the Tenant Ledger with details of the refund.
  • Updates the tenant paid to dates.
  • Pays directly to the tenant by chq or straight to their bank account.
  1. Go to the tenant refund screen, Transactions >Tenant Refund

  1. Select the tenant you want to process the refund for
  2. The amount field will automatically populate with the amount that tenant has overpaid past their vacate date.
  3. The description default will populate automatically. This is shown on the owners statement.
  4. Add a forwarding address (This field must be completed)
  5. Select your Payment method (Cheque or EFT). Fill in the required fields. 
  6. You can choose to :
  • Process EFT now
  • Add to creditor run
    • Process EFT now, will process the refund immediately. If process EFT now is selected, you will need to create the ABA file to upload the payment to the bank. Go to: Transactions > Create file for upload to bank > EFT (ABA) payments >Print


  • Add to creditor run, will create the tenant as a temporary creditor and create the payment as an outstanding disbursement against your landlord to be paid later. 
14/08/2017 3:57 pm AEST

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