How to Change Creditor Status to Inactive in REST Professional


You can now set a Creditor to Inactive either as a one off or by doing a bulk status update through Global Changes.  The Creditor Bulk Status Update allows you to select more then one creditor to change their status from active to inactive.

Creditors can only be made inactive if there are:

  • No transactions in the current month

  • No outstanding transactions against creditor, including recurring and outstanding disbursements

  • No current jobs against creditor and property maintenance jobs against the creditor must be completed or rejected

NOTE: There is a System Option that will set temporary creditors to inactive automatically at the end of the month.  This can be set up by going to Other > Utilities > System Options > System and tick the box.

This document will cover:

  • How to Change a One Off Creditor Status to Inactive

  • How to do a Bulk Status Update to Inactive

How to Change a One-Off Creditor Status to Inactive

  1. Go to Files > Creditor and enter the alpha index of the Creditor and press Enter

  2. Click on the Active button, the Creditor Activity Status screen displays

  3. Select Inactive from the drop down list

  4. Click OK on Creditor Details.The Active button becomes Inactive and highlighted red

  5. Click OK–F12 to save

How to do a Bulk Status Update to Inactive

To set multiple Creditors' status from Active to Inactive you must have the highest security level (Statistics/Company Details/Passwords & above):

  1. Do a backup of your data, renaming the backup i.e.

  2. Go to Other > Utilities > Global Changes

  3. Select OK to confirm you have a current data backup

  4. Select the Bulk Status Update tab

  5. Click on Select Creditors. Only Creditors that can be made Inactive will display

  1. Select the Set as Inactive tick box against the Creditors you would like to set as inactive

  1. Click OK-F12. Only the Creditors selected and displayed on screen will be set to Inactive.

  2. Select Yes to confirm the number of Creditors, and complete the update

  3. Select Cancel-ESC to exit out of Global Changes

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