Frequently Asked Questions in fileSMART

What happens if the conversion program stops working part way through?

The conversion will track which documents have been archived from the document register, so if you need to re-run the process you will not have duplicate documents created.

What happens if I cancel my subscription to fileSMART?

If you stop using fileSMART once you remove the configuration to the database, you will return to saving documents in the STRATA Master document register. You will be able to continue on and view any previously archived documents.

When I am archiving, does that count as a fileSMART user?

If you are archiving from STRATA Master you have a connection to the fileSMART database but it is not included when determining how many users are logged into the database at any time. The user will not be counted until you have opened fileSMART, either from the icon in the Corp screen or from the fileSMART shortcut on your desktop.

What do I need to do if the PrintMail Indexer Service stops?

The PrintMail Indexer is the service which sits between STRATA Master and fileSMART and allows the auto-archiving process to occur. Although this does not frequently occur, if this service stops, you will not be able to login to fileSMART or archive any documents from STRATA Master.

To restart the services, on your server you will need to go Settings > Control Panel > Administration Tools > Services.

Locate the Rockend PrintMail Indexer in the list; right click and restart the service.

Why can’t I backup the documents from STRATA Master anymore?

From the time fileSMART is configured as your document management system, there will be no further documents saved in the internal document register and therefore no further need to backup those documents.

When configuring fileSMART as your document management system you should ensure you have a STRATA Master backup including all registered documents. A copy of the *.zip backup file (which are your registered documents in STRATA Master) should be kept this in a secure location on your server.

At any time in the future you will be able to restore those documents along with a STRATA Master backup as long as they have the same name, and are both located in the configured backup location.

08/03/2016 9:51 am AEDT

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